NZ: The Coromandel: Hot Water Beach + Cathedral Cove

After LOTS of driving (which I didn’t mind… the countryside is absolutely breathtaking), we ended up in The Coromandel. Hot Water Beach SJ went diving with a company in Waitunga and Victoria and I headed to Hot Water Beach. As its name suggests, there is a hot water source underground that feeds into the ocean. … More NZ: The Coromandel: Hot Water Beach + Cathedral Cove

NZ: Bay of Islands

Diving at Tutukaka Today, we all woke up around 4AM and packed up to head to Tutukaka for diving. It’s a little less than a 4 hour drive from Auckland and our tour took off around 8:00… so it was an early morning! Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s (a renowned oceanographer) listed The Poor Knight’s Islands among the top … More NZ: Bay of Islands

NZ: Auckland

I’ve decided to organize my NZ posts by location, which means that this first post includes our first day AND our last day since we started in Auckland and drove south only to return via a domestic flight from Wellington. DAY 1 We arrived in Auckland around 8:30AM after a long 10.5 hour flight from … More NZ: Auckland

New Zealand!

Chinese New Year used to mean adding buffer to long lead time reports and having to wait longer for samples and product in my previous role as Product Manager in the States. This year it has taken on a whole new meaning as we get an extended period time off school. Two of my roommates, SJ … More New Zealand!

Here it goes…

Hey everyone!  I hope you read the title page to tell you the purpose of my blog.  I’m going to start my first post with the same content in my ‘About’ section because I want you to know a little secret about how I feel regarding blogging…  so read below and please don’t let this … More Here it goes…