#humanencounter: Hemi and Michal

“Oh we don’t know how to do this!” she exclaimed with a thick accent before I snapped the photo.

But I disagree… I’m pretty sure it captured just how adorable these two are. Meet Michal and Hemi, an Israeli couple that sat next to me on the flight to Auckland.

She and I talked about her travels, her children and grandchildren, her concerns about the world and the direction it is going. She believes that character needs to be exemplified by leaders and that the Northern Lights are the “most amazing in the world” (she said with her eyes closed and her fingers held up to her lips).

Other than occasionally translating words for her, Hemi spoke only once to tell me that his wife was a teacher – a vocation I knew he was proud of as he beamed ear to ear.

Hemi and Michal read one chapter of the Bible every day but aren’t sure that they will be as consistent on vacation.

They certainly made 10.5 hours on a plane “fly” by for me 🙂

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