Cast of Characters


Everyday life is colored by the people we’re surrounded by… let me introduce you to the ones who color mine.

The Roomies (from left to right)17408360_10158472380155650_140241121_o

Victoria – the girl with the “yellow hair” (as marked on her takeout box from a local restaurant we visited). Victoria is the “quiet one”. But don’t let that fool you – she knows Krav Maga and will drop snarky comments just when you’re not expecting it. Victoria is the chef extraordinaire and I’m basically learning how to cook by just watching her do it first. A solid friend… she’s a grounded lady you want to have in your life.

<Skip me; you can read my bio – ha! let’s move to the quirky one in the middle…>

Ammi – the oldest one in the house who is basically a big kid. She loves to have a good time and will do what it takes to make sure we’re having fun. Let’s just say that when she found a water gun at a store down the street, the rest of us bought one out of sheer common sense that Ammi was dangerous armed with such a weapon. She’s quick to make sure you’re OK and will do the mundane things like walk to the grocery store with you because she’s that type of friend. She loves beans, quesadillas and making fun of me.  Life wouldn’t have the same flare without her.

Andrea – if you had to sum Andrea up in one word it would be LAUGHTER. She finds most things funny, and will often burst out laughing spontaneously… pretty soon we’re just laughing because she is, though no one knows why. Andrea loves music and we share a love for Ludovico Einaudi. She adds some Mexican sass to the house while also being the first one to give you a hug and a smile.

SJ – wanderlust might be the word to come to mind when you hear SJ things like “once when I was rafting in the Nile…” (says no normal person!). SJ gets things done and is my thrill-seeking buddy (cue jumping out of a plane…) She loves to travel and simple things like Ed Sheeran, animals and peanut M&M’s. Though I continually disappoint her by never knowing her TV/movie quotes and she puts me to shame with her knowledge of movie stars, she adds energy and laughter to a room. She’s quick to help and will be the first to show you around to new places and make sure you have what you need for your classes or life in general.

The Co-teachers


Jimmy and Pauline – Jimmy is my co-teacher and basically my go-to guy at school. We share a cube and I teach alongside him in 4 of my classes. He is the homeroom teacher for 1st grade and unfortunately I think he takes care of me just as much as he takes care of them…. I’m always spilling my water bottle, leaving something behind in my cube…and not a day goes by where he isn’t laughing at me for some reason or another. I appreciate his sarcasm and the jolly spirit.

Pauline is a big bundle of sweetness. As soon as I see her I get a loud squeal “Teacher Elyse!” and next thing I know she’s jumping into my arms (yes, literally jumping into my arms). She is the one who fed me chocolate after I passed out from getting bitten by a dog, and is now quick to ask if I’m feeling OK. I kind of adore her.



Bethany and Drew

Bethany and I played basketball together in high school and we have been the best of friends ever since. I said goodbye to her 7 years ago when she came to Taiwan for the first time…. little did I know that we would one day live 20 minutes apart once again. Bethany is sarcastic, challenging and inspiring – she’s always been a role model for me and a sounding board for life-advice. I couldn’t be happier to have her close by once more.

I heard Drew’s name for the first time when Bethany told me she HAD to talk to me about something. I knew then this was going to be something serious… and pretty soon I was standing next to the altar watching the two of them exchange vows. Drew is an easy-going sweet guy, but I’m enjoying getting to see more of his sarcastic cynical side (that’s right, Drew!).


So there you have it! Now you know the incredible people I get to live with… soon I’ll start posting about my sweet kids.

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